Chloe Belle Harrington

  • Date of Passing: 05/19/2023

Chloe Belle Harrington…not just a dog ❤️

She was one of a kind, the most beautifulest girl in the entire universe. That’s what we called her and she
would wag her tail in confidence because she knew there was no other special princess dog like her. Chloe loved her backyard…it was her happy place and the only yard she ever knew. She loved to run laps around the big tree, play tug with her dirty blue towel and scratch her back in the green grass. She didn’t mind a bath and she enjoyed listening to music during her car rides. Her favorite place to nap was in between the cushions of the cool leather sofa. She owned the house 🥰

From her puppy eyes to her fuzzy ears and her little stinky paws, Chloe was truly loved and she will be missed beyond measure. She leaves behind her little fur brother, Winston, her human brother Chaz and her mom and dad who will surely miss sharing their king sized bed with her.

Chloe is sure proof that no person can ever fully understand the meaning of love unless they’ve owned a dog ♥️🐾

Run free sweet girl, furever in our hearts ❤️
Some day in July 2012 – May 19, 2023

  • May 24, 2023 sweet. She was a beautiful baby ❤️. Bless her in doggie heaven. Love you guys ❤️🙏

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