We said goodbye to Coco August 3rd, now she can truly rest.
    We were fortunate to have Coco with us for 13 ½ of her 16 years. We hope those years were as good for her as they were for us.
    Coco, we miss you so much and hated losing such a good friend. Tears and sadness fill the house but we will try to ease our grief by reminding ourselves that you are no longer in pain. The house is so quiet without the click, click, click of your nails on the hardwoods. Mr. Boston is standing watch over your bed for you and Chief will keep an eye on the outside world.
    You will always be the Queen of the Stroller. The walks/strolls around the neighborhood will not be the same, but now you can walk with Mocha, Snowball and Ching. I know they will be glad to see you. You will always be our Coco Nutter. We love you.
    Leslie & Kamala

    • August 14, 2015
      I wanted to thank our wonderful neighbors who sent condolences and brought us cards and flowers. Coco you are truly missed.

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