I had Fendi for 6 years, at that time she was already 9 1/2 yrs old. How someone could give their dog up at almost 10, I’ll never understand. I’m a dog groomer and one of the rescue ladies brought her in and wanted to know if I would foster her. She was scared and shaking. I took one look at her and all I wanted to do was fluff her up and take her home to feel safe and loved. I have quite a few dogs at home and she was by far the most intelligent. She would think circles around all the rest. (as much as I love all of them she was by far the sharpest.) For the first couple of years she could climb any gate in the house and manuever her way around while the others, with a puzzled look on their faces would look like they were thinking, how did she do that? When she first came to live with us she would run to the door when we came home, in the middle of all the other dogs, with a toy in her mouth. She had such bad skin allergies and we were constantly working on alleviating the symptoms of that for her. After it seemed that we got them under control she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease. We managed that very well for 3 years. The vet said that she was her longest living heart patient. I put a crate on my booth at work and took her to work almost everyday to keep a close eye on her and giving her frequent breaks outside. She had a complete wardrobe of tiny dresses that covered her little rickety almost 16 year old body. I called her Grandmama because she walked just like a little old lady. When I would pick her up she would lick the very tip of my nose. She was a real fighter – even when others gave up on her, she rallied and gave us two more months after leaving the hospital. Everyone, especially our vet, was amazed at how well she was doing. But her little heart finally gave out.

    Fendi, you will always be in my heart. My little poodle-pie. Miss you more than I can say.

    Love you.

    • November 18, 2012
      It's been one year since I lost you. Still think about you babydoll. Love you and miss you! Love, Mom

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