We lost our precious baby Katie on 6/4/2013. She was recently diagnosed with GI Lymphoma-high risk. We noticed she looked like she was losing weight so we brought her in. They said at first that it was a tumor the size of a fist in her belly. When they did the surgery to remove it they found it was attached to her intestines. They removed it and did a resection on her intestines. We thought she was doing better until the results from her biopsy said it was Lymphoma.They gave us medicine to give her since they would not have anyone there over the weekend to watch her. We gave her the medicine but she wouldnt eat. My husband brought her back in on Monday 6/3/13. It wasnt good. In the early morning hours of Tues 6/4/13 , I received a call at 330am stating she passed away. We knew it was coming but it was still so hard when it actually happened. I am lost without my girl! She was our baby and our camping companion as well as our dog Diesel. She will be greatly missed EVERY hour of EVERY day! To Katie, mommy and daddy miss you more than anything baby girl. We sure hope in some form you can come back to visit us and comfort our aching hearts. We will take you camping again baby. I must go for now but ALWAYS know you are loved and missed and we cant wait to see you again on the other side of the bridge. Give our love to Adam, Lucy, Coco, and Casey too. I LOVE YOU! Thank you Faithful Companions for returning our baby so quickly. And a huge THANK YOU to The Animal Cancer and Imaging Center in Canton MI for giving us one more week with our baby girl!

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