• Date of Birth: 07/01/2011
  • Date of Passing: 06/26/2024

After going to a fertility Dr day after day after day, I said enough and went on a mission,. I picked you but we had to jump through hoops to get you adopted. You were loaded with heart worms and the treatment was not available but we stuck it out together and eventually you were 100% MINE. And heartworm free. You were the best of the very best with the calmest demeanor. I did not have any worries when 5 years later we learned Dawson was coming. You represented your breed well and you were the best of the best. As heartbroken as I am you are gone I know you had a wonderful life, you were spoiled and loved! You got to grow old and at my side. I wish dogs lived forever! 13 years together is not even close too long enough. We will miss you down here forever but one day, we will see you again. For now, it’s not Good bye but we will see you later. We Love You Always!
Your Mama, Vince, Dawson, LuLu, Pete & Toby

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