Natasha – Barker, Farter…She was my life saver,my friend & companion. She wouldn’t have been my first pick of the litter but she was the first to waddle over to our daughter and it no question she was going home with us. Natasha enjoyed our summer home, sleeping on my side of the king side temper pedic, fresh cooked chicken breast in her food later in years. She love to lay and look out the front bay window and watch the world go by or wait for the mail truck. She would sit by the hedges & wait for you to walk by & jump out at you like a crazy dog (never to hurt you) and we would hear people scream and some would swear at her – we would laugh. She would run back to us like “did I get them good” look on her face! I have been on a medical for 10 years and she has been at my side, her & I knew what time it was to take our nap and to eat and her to take her pills at night. We didn’t even have to say a word – we just knew. I was having a silent heart attach one day and she would not let me take our daily nap, she keep head butting me and stepping on me as I tried to lay down. Finally I started to feel the on set and went to the hospital – I owe that dog my life! She was amazing! My daughter would say “you love that dog more that me” lol..I would tell Natasha doesn’t talk back. Where ever I was she was and the pain of her not being with me is unbelievable. I hope she has found Brittany to play with again and they both are running around. Natasha, you know you were loved and you will be missed dearly.

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