You were such a wonderful and loving sweet girl. You brought us much happiness and love for so long. Daddy, Mommy and Bella will miss you and you will forever be in our hearts! Have fun running with Cherokee and tell him we miss him too! Run everyday and know we are smiling up at you!

    • December 26, 2013
      So sorry for your loss. Lawson said the first thing this morning I love Roxen:) She was a sweet girl! Love you all
    • December 27, 2013
      Mommy, Daddy and Bella will miss you very much....the house is not the same without you, we miss your silly howls that you would do when you needed something, the sound of your claws on the hardwood floors greeting us when we got home and all that shedding you would do. We feel better knowing you are young again and free of sickness running with Cherokee. We love you.....
    • December 29, 2013
      Roxie, I will miss you cuddling with me in the back bedroom and the way you would jump on the bed like you only weighed an ounce. I am happy you are pain free and with Cherokee and Greta and Kobe. We miss you and will love you always.
    • December 29, 2013
      Roixe you were the best dog ever and I know you barked but everyone who walked through the door you loved even including bugs you were the sweetest girl ever and I could never forget you you are always in my mind and I will think of you every day and night I will always love you.
    • December 31, 2013
      So sorry for your loss of Sweet Roxie. She was a beautiful and loving dog. Love you guys.

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