January 2009 – December 30, 2013

    Almost five years ago, I adopted two month-old baby guinea pig boys on Valentine’s Day. I first picked out Maurice, and then Rupert (foreground), who seemed most attached to Maurice. It was the best Valentine’s Day present ever, and they became “my boys.”

    It was a joy watching these two grow up and grow old together. They had such an unique relationship. Rupert got sick this month and I had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep. He spent the last few days cuddled up with his big brother and buddy, Maurice, and with his mama. He was happy and peaceful and stubborn as always, didn’t really want to leave us. I helped him along so that he no longer had to suffer.

    Both Maurice and I were present at his final vet visit. It was a tearful but happy farewell, because it was a wonderful almost five years together.

    One day Maurice and Rupert will be together again. Rupert was the sweetest little spirit I’ve ever known. I always felt he needed protection and extra love, and he had plenty of it from both of us. It was an honor to provide him with a happy and comfortable home his entire life.

    • January 1, 2014
      Such a lovely dedication to this sweet little guy. Rupert will be terribly missed. He was so cuddly and curious (even about the lady with the hair!) I have witnessed the love and nurturing of mama and brother Maurice - He had a wonderful family and a happy life. Rest in peace little one.
    • January 1, 2014
      So sweet. I am so very happy for Rupert to have lived his life with such a loving family. He brought such joy to them as they did to him. Rest in peace little guy.
    • January 1, 2014
      That's lovely, Deb.

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