• Date of Birth: 10/25/2010
  • Date of Passing: 09/06/2022

When I was 17 my grandmother who was a very important person in my life passed away in October of 2010. To help me cope with the loss, my family for Christmas adopted two cats for me. Both of which I will be sharing a photo of as they both became such a huge part of my life. Stark had such a personality, he was a gentle giant! He had the smallest meow and would always come greet me with a hug every time I’d come home along with sitting with me each morning as if worked. He loved his little peep toy, laying in everything he could fit in and in general just loved to be loved. He was such a special boy in my heart. I will be forever grateful for the companionship he gave me over the years. Once he passed, I felt part of my heart was left empty, while I cried many many tears, Faithful Companion was absolutely amazing, they brought my pumpkin back to me personally and told me their sorrows for my loss. I was sincerely moved by their compassion and was surprised to find his paw print with his name on it. I am grateful for them taking care of him and bringing him home to me. He will be forever missed.

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