Our sweet little DingDing,

    We just can’t believe that you have left us. It was so sudden and unexpected. You were so young! We still think you will be waiting for us in front of your house when we wake up, come back home, or at random times throughout the day.

    Our house will always feel empty without your little pitter-patter across the wood floor. And your cute little growls when you wanted to prove a point…well, those will always be sounds of love to us.

    Sitting on the rug will never be the same again. You will never again be here to demand petting and massaging…which we loved and miss so much. Those days will always be etched in our hearts. Your face and the love you gave us will stay with us until the end of our days.

    I only wish we could have saved you. I hope you know that we tried to do all that we could. We are absolutely devastated at your departure and can only hope that you are at a better place now, with your Luffies. Someday, we will all be together again, my little love. We love you forever and ever and even after that. You & Luffies…take care of each other until we reunite as the Loofie family. <3 <3 <3 <3

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