Customer Testimonial

Jason Boyd

My wife and I lost our Chihuahua Lucky who was 15 years old. As with our past pets we wanted to be there during the cremation every step of the way as we said goodbye. It also helps to be there to make sure our loved one is treated with dignity throughout especially with a new service we had no experience with.
This was our first time with Faithful Companion. We moved from California and had past experience with private cremation services in that area. In comparison, Faithful Companion was a very well-run operation. Facilities were clean and well laid out, people were respectful and professional, there were a number of services respectfully offered as a final memory (such as pawprints in clay or ink, urns of various sorts, etc), they had some touching children’s books for dealing with the loss of their pet.
Most importantly to us, the gentlemen that was handling the actual cremation (Jack Johnson III) was great. He explained everything all along the way and was very respectful. My wife got to talking to Jack and we could tell that he was the real deal… i.e. someone can play a part and act respectfully as part of the job, but with Jack we could tell he was sincere in his efforts to treat our dog and us with the utmost respect. Through talking we learned Jack was a man of faith so we shared a prayer together. The overall process of saying goodbye to Lucky was difficult but Faithful Companion, and especially Jack, made it as positive an experience as it could be. We’re thankful and would definitely recommend to anyone considering a private cremation in the area.