We got Bella from a shelter at just 3 months old. She was the shy one of the bunch and rather kept to herself. My daughter Heather and my wife Jenny were attracted to her instantly. She was the one. When we brought her home she ran around the house and explored and got into everything. Not so shy any more. She loved to be around humans and loved to play all the time. She loved to run and slide on the hardwood floors and play with Heather’s hair ties. She would hide them under the foyer rug. If Heather ever needed a hair band, she knew where to look. Every morning, Bella would get up with me at 5:00 am ad keep me company in the bathroom while I got ready for work. he never missed a day. We had Bella for just 5 1/2 short years. However, the memories she gave to us will last a lifetime. We all miss you Bella and I will love you and cherish your memory always.

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