Boomer Hotchkiss

    Boomer first came into are lives on a warm sunny early mid May day 2007. I picked him up from the breeders and brought him to my wife’s work so she could show him off to her coworkers. Everyone loved him and said he was so small and cute.

    He grew up to be a true Yorkie always full of energy and always wanting to play or snuggle. At night when we would get ready for bed he would balance on his hind legs waiting for his treat,once he was done he would snuggle up to whoever was in bed at that time and keep them and himself warm and safe. The tragic day we lost Boomer will always be with us but so will the love and happiness that he brought us.

    We will Forever Love and miss you Boomer you may have been small in size but you left a big Lovable impression and a huge hole in are hearts.

    May God look after you till we are reunited one day.

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