Bullseye was born to a semi-feral mama who also just recently passed away. Bullseye is servived by his bro.zorro, sister, snuggles, his human mom, lynn, human dad, randy, all his other step kitties: jasper, buddy, peenut, smudge, booger, prettygirl, you-you, kee-kee, meow-meow, and precious. He was predeceased by: his newborn bro.(2days old), natural mama goodgirl, other kitty’s: missy, (&her8pre-pee’s), boy, and (fluffmuffin(2009) He was the most affectionate kitten i ever met. He would flop on you al over till he found a place he wanted to sleep, usually on my neck, or under my arm. We seamed to live for humans. He also was very smart…sadly he died on 1-21-2012 poss.fip..he had fluids& muscus in his chest cavity. I loved this baby boy that was suppose to go to a very special forever home..and he was the best i ever had known.. RIP-BULLSEYE may you find your way to rainbow bridge,and i promise i’ll see you some day<3

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