Capone aka Pony Bear was brought into our lives in 2003…. he could always brighten your day and had a way of touching everyone’s heart that met him…his love was unconditional and is already missed so much..when he was only a year old he ran into a fish tank and had to have emergency surgery to save his life. In 2004 I found out that i was expecting a lil boy and i spent most my pregnancy with him laying his head on my belly… In June of 2005 my son was born and Pony protected him as if he was his own… they had such a strong bond as he did with everyone… He helped teach Stevey how to walk by allowing him to balance on his back….Sunday mornings he would wait for me to get back from church with his breakfast and I will admit this morning was so extremely hard walking in the door and not seeing him twisting around… He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it soon took him over and he had to leave us and when he did, he took a big piece of our hearts with him…. He will be deeply missed and will always hold a very special place in our hearts….Pony Bear we love you so much and rest well until we meet again baby.

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