6.27.13 –
    We are still in denial that you are no longer with us anymore, tomorrow will be one week since we made that difficult decision. We miss you terribly and are still hurting that you are no longer with us but we are relieved to know that you are not in pain and suffering anymore.
    I still remember the first time i saw you, you were the size of my palm, had a ribbon, best Christmas eve of my life to have received such a wonderful gift. I promised myself I will take good care of you no matter what that is why when i moved to LA, you followed. when i moved to NY, you followed. You have been there for your Mommy thru good times and especially bad times and I am grateful for it.
    We miss your funny walk, your long tongue that gives everyones lots of licks, your bark when you smell chicken, you licking and cleaning our floor, you getting excited with treats.
    You were such a sweet dog missed by everyone from your groomer, Alain and from your doctors at Animal General and Oradell and your furry friends in our building….you just always has this positive effect on everyone who always smiles when they see you or say your name.
    I hope you know that putting you to sleep was the hardest thing we’ve had to do but we both knew that it was time, in your own loving way, you assured me that it was ok to let you go. I promised you i was going to be there from when you take your last breath up until we put you in the crematory. I felt your last heartbeat and how you left us very peacefully. Your suffering is over and now you can be your healthy self in doggie heaven, eating tons of chicken, french fries, challah and treats!
    If you get reincarnated, i hope our paths will cross again on Earth. If not, please make sure you greet us with your cute little face when we see you in the afterlife.
    We love you a LOT and you will always be a part of this family! Thank you for the 16 years, thank you for being loyal, thank you for the joy you brought to our lives and you will never be forgotten Cheto.

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