Cheyenne our Golden Retriever was our working hearing dog from Paws. Born August 11, 1995 Died April 24, 2011

    ” Beautiful Cheyenne” Thank you Gary and Kathy for letting me come to your lovely home to work with you. I have had a very good life with you both; we worked together as a great team. I loved children and babies as I was always around them. We always went on trips together and had wonderful times. I loved it every time I see water! Kathy, I know you love me dearly as much I love you. It was always good to be by your side when you were in such pain or have emotional times, I knew you needed me so I was always there for you. It was always a pleasure. Gary, you always took me out on good walks that I enjoyed very much. When my hips started to go downhill, you stood by my side and took me around on short driveway strolls. I enjoyed every moment of my life there with you. I am fighting very hard to stay alive for you, but I am getting old and it is time. As time is getting near, it is time to say good bye, Always remember me in you heart forever as I always cherished our lives together. Thank you so much for taking very good care of me, I know I outlived my brothers and sisters; it is time for me to meet and play with them.

    Remember this: I will always love you.

    Love Cheyenne

    WE love you CHEYENNE so much and it sure feel empty without you around. We are very thankful to Faithful Companion for their great support for being there as soon as she passed away.We will forever always remember your great services!

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