• Date of Birth: 06/16/2012
  • Date of Passing: 09/09/2023

Flash was my best friend for 11 years, everything that happened he was my rock. You couldn’t convince him that he wasn’t a human baby, as you had to hold him a certain way or else you’d end up regretting that. He’d sleep above my head most nights slowly pushing me off my pillow. Every morning he would lay on my boyfriend’s chest and just sleep. He was always ready to take a nap or watch a movie with you. If you were sick, he’d just lay on you and purr. Nothing will be the same without him here with us. He will forever be my best friend, my little pudge, flish flash. I love you buddy and i will see you again one day when we see each other on the rainbow bridge.

  • November 11, 2023
    Flashy was an amazing boy. From the time he came into our lives as a talkative kitten with oversized ears, he was a special member of the family. I will miss my grand kitten ❤️

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