We miss our baby girl and it really hurts our hearts. We miss your hugs and the sound of your nails on the floor as you walked around the house, checking on your family. We miss the random sounds of the blinds as you moved them to see if there is reason to be out patrolling your yard. We miss you letting us know Momma is home in your excited voice. We miss the way you would bring us your gifts to share whenever we came home. We miss how you moving from couch to couch as you tried to find just the right spot. We miss you looking out the back window to make sure there weren’t any bunnies in the bushes. We miss you looking out the front window to see your Rena or Nolan playing with the neighbor kids and we will never fix the marks you left with your nails on the sill, just as a reminder. We miss you pressing your nose on the front door while Momma watered the flowers. We miss your frantic pacing as you warned us that thunderstorms were getting close, even in the middle of the night. We miss the way you thought you were being sly in letting each of us know that the other must have forgotten it was snack time. We miss the way you got just as excited as anyone else on Christmas morning and the way you waited your turn to open a gift. We miss the way you would dart to your Easter basket too. We miss the way you would help pass out candy on Halloween. We miss the way you let Daddy know that it was time to turn on the fireplace on a cold winter night. We miss the way you would searched pockets for the occasional Kleenex just like we were warned that Whippets do. We miss the way you would peek under the fence to see if the neighbor dog was out. We miss the way you would run out to bark and jump at the fence to yell at the other neighbor dogs, and even took one for the team once. It took up until the past few years to start, but I loved the way you greeted me at the door while nobody else was awake and would then get on the couch and lay there, staring at me for an hour straight. It goes without saying how much Momma, Rena, and Nolan adored you, but you also meant so much to me. You were unique and had a personality like I could not believe. You completed our family. We were so lucky to have been blessed with you.

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