• Date of Passing: 03/22/2024

In Loving Memory of Harley

Harley, beloved feline companion, passed away on March 22, 2024, leaving behind a legacy of love and joy. Born on an unknown date, Harley entered the lives of his devoted family on May 16, 2009 as an “adult”. With a lot of spunk, his presumed age was about 1-2 years old, estimating he was 16+ years old. This marked the beginning of a profound bond that would span nearly 15 years as he grew up with his human brother.

Named for his distinctive and robust purr, Harley enchanted all who crossed his path with his gentle nature and unwavering affection. Despite facing a challenging battle with a tumor that silenced his once vibrant meow, Harley’s spirit remained unyielding, radiating warmth and tenderness until his final breath.

Harley’s arrival into his forever home was serendipitous, as his human mother was immediately drawn to his silvery fur and bright yellow eyes from an aisle away at PetSmart. From that moment on, Harley became an irreplaceable member of the family. He loved pawing at light reflections up walls, chasing laser lights around the house, pouncing on catnip toys and keeping mom awake rough-housing with his adopted feline sisters late at night.

Welcoming two new furry siblings into the fold with grace and patience, Harley exemplified the true essence of companionship and acceptance. His generous spirit knew no bounds, seeking only the simple pleasures of pets and treats while forging deep and lasting connections with all who knew him. He frequently greeted family and visitors at the sound of the garage door with a gentle head butt ‘hello’, then following them until receiving the entry fee of pets, belly rubs or treats.

Harley’s presence brought immeasurable joy to his human siblings, who grew up alongside him, their lives forever enriched by his companionship and unwavering devotion. Whether sharing their pillows or stealing a seat at the dinner table with undeniable charm, Harley’s endearing quirks and loving gestures left a memorable mark (and his hair!) on the hearts (and clothes) of all who knew him.

Though Harley may no longer grace this world with his physical presence, his memory will live on in the hearts of those who cherished him dearly. May his gentle spirit and boundless love continue to bring comfort and solace in the days ahead, serving as a reminder of the profound impact he had on all who were fortunate enough to know him.

Rest in peace, dear Harley. You will be deeply missed and fondly remembered, forever cherished in our hearts.

  • March 26, 2024
    I will forever miss him.
  • March 26, 2024
    Sweet Harley!! I will miss you, Kitty!!! I was fortunate to be entrusted to care for you when your family was out of town. You had the best purrs of any kitty I’ve known.

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