Kaya aka ‘Kicia’

    You came into my life approximately 9 years ago. I came home from school and there you were, little gremlin wrapped up in blankets. You were fragile and had a cold but I took care of you and you got better. You were my baby. Whenever I yelled, Come to Mommy. I could hear you running from wherever you were. Every time I opened the front door you were there to say hello. You are so smart! You knew what you wanted and made sure everyone knew it too. You are a fighter as well, four years ago the doctors told us to take you home and make you as comfortable as possible because you were not going to make it but you did. After that we had a deal no getting sick and you kept that deal for four years! Thank you for that. The second time you got sick you fought to get better but it was your time to go. I know you fought hard to stay here with us. That night you were still fighting to get better until I held you in my arms and told you that it was okay to stop. You will always be my baby and remember that I will always love you. Remember what we talked about! I know that you are healthy and happy now. We miss you Kiciu! We will see each other again, until then be happy and enjoy your new friends!


    Mommy, Daddy, and Mr. Sky

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