ETERNAL JOY: 06/08/98

    ETERNAL PEACE: 08/05/12

    Maxx, My little Buddy Boo-Boo,

    Can’t believe you are gone. The pain is unbearable. I didn’t get to say goodbye. I miss you so, so much. What I would do to have your kisses 1 more time. You are my first LOVE. I know you are in a better place, GOD has taken away your pain so you wouldn’t have to suffer much. Thank You for all the joy you have given me – I could always count on you to bring me up when I needed to be. Watch over your Mommy, Daddy, the kids, and especially your sister, Mia – they miss you terribly. You were always an Angel but now you are an Angel with wings – GOD only knows you earned them. Just so you know: you didn’t have to pretend that you had to go out to do pp so you can get a treat – you were going to get one anyway! You will always have my heart.

    Love you with all my heart,
    Your Auntie Ria

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