Mickey was the first dog I ever had and he was the best friend anyone could have. He was always faithful, caring and always so full of energy. There were times were he did get into trouble for doing silly things, but I guess that was all part of his personality. He was always so nosey and wanted to be involved in everything I did. He was also a great companion to my parents, who always made sure he had everything and then some. I must admit I sometimes got jealous of all the great treats and luxuries he received from my parents. He also made sure to bother my brother every time he was doing something important and as much as you wanted to yell at Mickey, you just couldn’t because he would give you that sad puppy eyed look. So you would just smile and pet him. He will be greatly be missed and will never be able to replaced. He was one of a kind, and I want to thank my friend(Linda) for bringing him into my life 14 yrs ago. He was the best gift I ever received. Hope your enjoying Doggie Heaven and playing with all the other great dogs that are there with you.

    I will always love you and miss you greatly!!!!!!

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