He was a good old cat; friendly and smart too. First time I saw him was when I came to look at this house. He came up on the back deck and looked in the window with me. After I bought the house, I found that he was a neighborhood stray called Yellow Cat. I left food on the front porch and took him to the vet when he got injured. They said he was a neutered male. He was quite big and probably around six or so. Once, I awoke to find him sleeping at the foot of my bed… he’d come in through my dog doors. Not afraid of the dogs, he came in whenever he pleased, so I accepted that and named him Morris. He used to follow and wait outside when I went next door, he’d try and come along when I went for a walk and often stayed near when I was working outside. He’d look up at me and utter a meow as if to say “Here I am.” At Christmas he’d tear open the cat nip under the tree and wallow in it. I’ve been here eleven years—he’d gotten pretty old and rather slow. He was sleeping in the driveway and didn’t hear the garage door or the car backing out in the middle of the night. My God, my darling, I loved you so. Please God keep him safe and well for me. I miss him very much.

    • August 17, 2013
      Morris was a cool cat! He lived a long comfortable life. I believe he was very old and very tired when he finally died. Thanks for watching over mom all those years. We miss you Morris.

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