Murphy shuing

    We miss you so much, for your endless love of your kids and everyone from humans to other doggies. You tried your best to keep me in line, things in place and a schedule. You always had my back. You were my best friend and swill truly be missed. You’re in my heart always. Love, mama and Gg.

    • January 28, 2016
      Murphy, I was with your mom when she saw you at the humane society for the first time. I was with you when we introduced you to GG (who swore you had to be a girl and not a boy- still so sorry for that). I've seen you as you played with my kids, slept with them at night for sleep overs, stole your mom's purse and went through it, stole pillows, kid's toys, and food. Still through all the mischievous but funny things you did you were still a faithful and loyal fur baby to us all. The day your mom and I had to send you across the rainbow bridge was so difficult for us all but you know what? The decision to end your pain and suffering was the right one even though now we are the ones going through the pain and suffering. I was with you when you became part of the family and with you when you crossed your bridge. While we deeply miss you, you will not be forgotten. We love you lots Murph! Jenny

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