Nola – You passed away today, 6/2/15, and I’m totally devastated that your no longer here. We had you since you were 7 weeks old and before we had kids. You were our first child and you were part of our lives for 13 wonderful years. You were the craziest most perfect dog we could’ve asked for. I’ll miss throwing tennis balls to you, shaking your paw and most of all you sitting beside me at dinner. I know you’re in a better place playing with Tex. I’ll miss you terribly, but until we see each other again I’ll see you in my dreams. I love you sweet girl.

    • June 5, 2015
      Nola, it's been 2 days since you passed away and I keep looking for you. You're not in the doghouse that James built for you and you're not in your other doghouse either. I look all over and realize your gone, but you're still all around us. I see your hair from when I washed you on Sunday, my room smells like you, the marks on the door are still there from when you rubbed into is still there and your bowl is where you left it. You left a lasting impression on me that I can't give up yet. For 13 years you were the best dog even though you tried my patience at times. I hope you know how much I adored you.
    • June 5, 2015
      Sorry that your heart is broken your fur baby is just beautiful I also lost my boy Hamlet on 6-2-2015 worst day of my life he was 5 years old American bull dog cancer sucks you and your family our in my heart and prayers I hope our kids are sharing a cloud together

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