My parents had Penny almost 15. yrs. They received her from a friend who was taking her to the shelter, because she could not keep her, and she knew what softies my folks were. Long story short my parents had a new puppy they called Penny. Along with all the other dogs and cats, Penny was added to the family on Nov. 1994. She turned out to be a loyal and loving friend to my parents. All of us kids were gone and married and my Mom and Dad had their 4 legged kids to keep them on their toes! Penny would never leave their sides and when my Dad got Alzimers, she became closer still. My Dad passed in 2008, and Penny became my Moms side kick and protector, she was a great deal of company to my Mom when my Dad passed, they had been together 60 yrs. So Penny was her pal and kept an eye on her for Dad, Penny missed my Dad , and now Mom was to be taken care of by her. I hoped they would go together as we knew Mom would be lost without Penny, but that was not to be, and my Mom had the strength to let her go, Aug. 31,2011. It was a hard choice to make but Penny had nerve damnage to her hind legs, and Mom could’t bear her suffering. We all miss and loved her so much but know she is going on long walks with my Dad in Heaven, just like the good old days. And she and Dad are with all the 4 legged kids with fur that have gone on before them.
    So happy trails to you Penny, you did your job well taking care of your family espically Mom and Dad.
    We love and miss you.
    Your Family

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