Sammie, no words could describe the sadness we all have in our hearts. We all miss you. You taught us how to love unconditionally and you taught me to be strong at my weakest times. I never did and never will refer to you as my pet, you are more than that. You are family, you are my best friend and you will always be with with us in our hearts and and memories. I would give anything to hold you and have you kiss my face one last time. Im sure you are in heaven now, reborn as a healthy, happy cat. You were a beautiful bundle of joy, filled with love and affection. You and nonna can take care of each other, I am sure you are sitting on her right now, sleeping in her arms like you always used to. Have fun with your cousin felix. This is not goodbye. Never goodbye. Till we meet again my little baby. I love you so much. Rest in peace princess.

    Christina, Michele, Maria, Mom, Dad and Tori

    • September 11, 2012
      I think I saw you more than my own pet. But since the day I met you, I treated you like you were mine. You mean so much to me and seeing your cute little face whenever I woke you up brightened up my entire day. You were special to me; like the kitty I never had, and you filled a void in my heart and took it with you when you passed. But I won't ever get sad because you hated that. You wanted everyone to smile and love and be happy. And this quote really describes the way I feel: "don't cry ecause it's over, smile because it happened." and for that, I am happy you live such a long fulfilling kitty life. :)
    • September 11, 2012
      <3333 love you sammie
    • September 11, 2012
      Sammie you were the sweetest baby I've ever met. You were cuddly, fluffy & plushy. I'll always remember the day I met you & you fell asleep in my arms. I love you little baby.
    • September 11, 2012
      Muhmee, I knew you were a star from the very moment I laid eyes on you. Some of my fondest memories include that one time we rode to the vet and shared the back seat of Xtine's car together. You were so adventurous in your cage - such a brave fighter - and I'll never forget your lavender collar which made you the most popular hoochie mama on Hackensack Street. (Except for Lady Thirna, of course - let's not disrespect the Queen!) All dem kitty cat's were tryin' to holla at you, but we always knew you were too classy to entertain them; you had your eyes set on richer, classier cats who still had their balls in tact. And you know what, Muhmee, I think there's something to be said about that type of fabulous lifestyle. I think we can all take a page out of your book. You were a true gem, hun. Muhmee, you brought love, light, and joy to everyone around you. I hope you enjoy your resting spot in the heavenly skies, where you can finally play all day in the trees (Muhmee loves the trees!) and listen to Nicki Minaj. Starships were meant to fly for you, princess. <333 Peace and love.
    • September 11, 2012
      Samuel L. Jackson, from the moment I met you everything changed (lmfao this is a One Direction lyric tell me I' m hot for adding this in ). I will never forget the day me and your mother Christine thought we were getting attacked by Iraq because we heard a loud bang, but it was just you falling off the T.V. onto the tile floor, head first. I know we didn't always get along especially senior year when I would bring tuna for lunch and I wouldn't share it with you until granny Tira made me split it with you. I will never forgive you for this because I was starving the next period. Actually I will forgive you but I wont forget it. Also one of my favorite memories of yours was when you hired a body double for April Fools Day and had her run around the yard and Christina was running after her screaming and then granny Tira ran out screaming thats not Sammie. Also I always hated cats until I met you, you bit me and was so bitchy sometimes but I got used to your'e spontaneous beauty especially when you would crawl on my tittes and lay there for hours. Say Hi to Brandi for me in pet heaven (make sure she didnt gain anymore weight or baby gurl is gonna get diabetes!! ) Love & Light xoxoxoxox - James

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