Our little buddy Speedy passed away suddenly today. He was the most faithful dog ever. Speedy would be by our side day and night. He even traveled with us including camping trips. He loved to ride along with us while kayaking. His best friend was our 80 pound Pit Bull Princess. They loved playing chase in the backyard. My affectionate nickname for him was Limit. RIP Speedy, you are so missed and forever loved little guy.

    • September 18, 2015
      Hi little boy. Time flew and today his your one year anniversary since you left us and this earth. Not a day goes by I don't think of you, your silly ways and big dog attitude. You were one of a kind and will always be missed. I hope you found Princess, she left back in June. She was very happy after you left, she missed you. I hope you to are playing together and making new friends. I got 4 new puppies, I tell them it was because of you they are living with us. One day, we will be together again so we can be a big family again. Love you a lot SPEEDY, aka Speed limit, Speed racer. Mom and Dad always miss you! Until we meet again bud.

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