On September 6, 2006 we adopted Thunder from the Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue. He was three years old and had endured three years of abuse. His spirit was broken because his previous owner beat him and put out his cigarettes on his ears. It took six months before he would trust us. For seven years, we received unconditional love from him. He was a happy dog, with one heck of a demeanor. He was the protector of the family and, of course, the king of the castle. For family gatherings he was always the floor centerpiece. He loved being outside, laying in the sun on the driveway. He loved rides in the car. He loved his twice, daily, rawhides. He loved the toys neighbors brought to him. He died peacefully today, humanely euthanized, with family surrounding him. He is no longer suffering and for that, we are grateful. We were blessed to have Thunder.

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