Tiger (Orange Cat)

    Tiger was a stray cat who we began to feed when he was a small kitten. Unfortunately, we were unable to keep him in our home because I am allergic. However, we quickly grew fond of Tiger. Of all of his brothers and sisters that we fed, Tiger was the most playful kitten. In order to identify him among his siblings, we began to call Tiger the “Orange Cat” before we gave him the name Tiger. We always looked forward to seeing him when we came home and we loved to watch him play. We knew with a whistle, he would quickly appear as he galloped across lawns to see us. As he grew older, he became accustom to us and he enjoyed coming in the house and staying with us. Eventually, he wanted to return outdoors because he did not want to leave his brothers and sisters alone. We all loved when he would come indoors and brush up against us because we knew he wanted to show that he loved us. Although, Tiger was an outdoor cat, we truly cannot express the amount of love that we felt for him in the short year that we knew and cared for him. We love you Tiger (Orange Cat).

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