Tiny was so special. He was my son and my best friend. God created him just for me. He was such a good boy, and he loved everyone that he ever met. He was great for a driving companion and loved to go with Momma everywhere, when we vacationed. He always obeyed the park rules, too. He brought a special joy to everyone who met him. He loved life, he loved me unconditionally, and I loved him unconditionally. I have you here with me now, my little Dee Dee Boy, Muca Luca,. Tiny. Our ashes will be spread together when Mom passes. We will be spread around all of our favorite places in the world. You will live forever in the hearts and minds of so many who loved you. You’re my son, thank you for making my life so special. All my Love, Always and Forever and Ever. Mom

    • October 1, 2012
      Your in a better place my buddy. I'll always remember how we would play and have fun as soon as I would come by to visit. You're my little brother and I will surely miss you Love Mike
    • October 1, 2012
      MY little Grand dog, Tiny, I will miss you so much. You were such a special, being. One of our Family, we loved, so much. You put up a good fight, to stay with us, but God said, no, I want you with me. We will never forget you. Love, Grandma Garner.
    • October 2, 2012
      Tiny, I was such an honor meeting you when I came to visit a year ago last summer. I couldn’t help but see all the joy and happiness that you brought to your mother. Your mommy truly loved you with all her heart. You were her baby boy. She looked out for you and made sure you were cared for and happy. Now it’s your turn. Your turn to look out for mommy form the heavens above. You are her little angel my friend. Love you sweetie, Auntie Terri
    • October 2, 2012
      I sure am gonna miss my little "T T" boy! You were loved by so many and we will never forget you. Thanks for all of the great memories...The tiny boy always knew exactly what rules to follow, when to sneeze so it landed right in your mouth, snored louder than any human I know, only to go after the big black boy dogs, and always knew when food was being served. Your auntie carebear is going to miss having you waiting for that next piece of muenster cheese when I come to the house too!! Your triangle girls were there for your momma on your last day and will be there to look over and care for her while she mourns during this difficult time....you can be certain of that. We love you Tiny! Rest in peace Tiny boy..........
    • October 3, 2012
      I love me some Tiny, and Sweetite loves Tiny too..Tiny tolerated Sweeties brattines and constant ":Look at me , Look at me,,attitude. Tiny let Sweetie be Sweetie, and she will be forever Tinys Friend. Tiny you made me smile each time I came to your home, and I really liked giving you more treats then i am sure i was suposto to give you..you just have that way with the ladies :) The times me your mama, my mama and sweetie sat by the bonfire..we have such great memories. YOur loving smile and your happy wagging taiil each time i came to your home to visit you and your mamma..We will all miss you Tiny, I pray that when Sweetie makes her way to your great creator..you will be there waiting for her to hold her Paw. (I truely believe you will, cause your mama and you both have touched my heart and my life. Rip Tiny...You are so loved

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