Bunkie Bunk were should daddy begin? First of all you were hell bent on coming home with us even though we chose your brother. You were prescient, and when mommy picked you up, you cleaned her face and it was love at first site. We really didn’t know what to name you so for a week we just called you it or dammit, until one night you picked your name. Ill never forget coming home from that house fire and running all over the house looking for you only to discover you got into my bunker boot. From then on you were bunker. You have been the best dog any owner could ask for. I will never forget the night you woke us up because you found a way out of your pen onto the foot rest and couldn’t down. You were always loving, loyal n faithful. Mommy n Daddy will miss you greatly but we know its time to let you go. When you get up there make sure you enjoy all the bones you can dream of. We love you bud!!

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