Molly Maid

    This is our beautiful loving Molly Maid, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2 days ago 5/21/2013. She is pictured her with my loving Mom who also has crossed over and I knew she would be there waiting for her along with all the others gone before her. Mom and Molly were best buddies! There are no words to describe how much Molly meant to us. Loving, smart, faithful, great therapy for me. Always knew when I needed a lick or paw! I miss her from the depths of my broken heart but I knew it was her time and we as family can only make that awful decision for our beloved faithful companions, I am sorry but I know in my heart you are in a better place with everyone we love and having a ball running and snuggling like we used to. I will see you again my dear sweet Molly. Forever in my heart and always feel you next to me.

    • May 23, 2013
      I love u miss Molly n grams duke... Nana u r vary strong n the love u have for ur animals is remarkable.... I love u Molly rip....

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